Aerohive are now Extremenetworks. 

Extremenetworks have advised they have stopped development of the Hive manager platform in favour of Extremewireless XIQ. 

This is a cloud based or on-premise offering that is similar to Hive classic public however has evolved to provide modular scaleability which provides greater performance and stability.  Extreme has achieved the most current ISO rating and the computing platform is in its 4th iteration which combines AI and full automation for an always on computing environment. 

Now in fact yesterday is a good time to consider upgrading if you are thinking about modernising and or relicensing your old Aerohive environment. 

Full support for Hivemanager classic continues to Mar 31, 2023 (for public) and Mar 31, 2025 (on premise). 

These Aerohive appliance models still have hardware support but at end-of-sale  AP121, AP122/122x, AP245x, AP250, AP230, AP330/350, XR-200P, BR200, SR2024P, SR2124P, SR2148P. 

The XIQ platform comes with more functionality including powerful reporting both realtime and historical (up to 90 days) so you can have meaningful visibility into client and network device health and performance. Additional essentials like guest management, NAC, WIPS and a raft of new device models for wireless, switching and routing can be managed all under the single platform. 

If you would like a consultation to discuss next steps please get in touch.