There are many compelling reasons as to why I believe Aerohive are the most under-rated and best kept secret in the Wireless world wide. Although Aerohive have been recently acquired by Extreme Networks their brand will only be stronger and increase Aerohive's capabilities to benefit the end user.

My experience with many wireless vendors even predating 802.11n includes;  Aeronet, Trapeze, Ruckus, Aruba, Cisco-Meraki and a few others,  however it the Aerohive architecture and platform I believe has powerful capabilities beyond most enterprise wireless vendors.

So Why Aerohive?

Here are 5 very good reasons, which when I critically assess (an engineer who's been in wireless since 802.11b) think Aerohive have more than satisfied. 

  • Controller-less architecture. The AP is the brain of the system, this means if there is an outage the system keeps running. If licenses expires apart from new user or configuration updates the system keeps running. No appliance model updates required, no redundancy measures needed - its peace of mind.
  • Build Quality. The AP and recently wifi6 ( 802.11ax) models are built really well and are wifi alliance tested and approved. These come with a life time warranty - many Aerohive AP models older than 5 years are still operational and working just great.
  • Cloud architecture. New HIVENG is a fantastic platform which is has 'single pane of glass' platform view. Managing not only access-points but routers, switches, and now A3 security management. There are details statistics such as network and client performance including 30 day historical views. These features are all out of the box non-modular single license features in the 'select' version. This means you subscribe to a list of features that come with the system.  Notably the non-licensed version 'Connect' although limited is also functional enough to run a basic wireless network on. Feature rich all in one system. The Aerohive cloud platform is also the ONLY ISO rated wireless cloud platform among the top wireless vendors and that means Governments/Military can have certainty in this brand. 
  • Policy based profiles. The Aerohive way is about policy driven groupings. There are so many limitations with other vendors where complex and sophisticated methods to achieve the same result are deployed. Aerohive provide simple functionality such as multiple user group authentication tied to a single SSID. Also Aerohive access-points have a built in fire-walling which can be enabled per user policy. Functionality that I expect and don't see in many other vendors built into the system not requiring additional modules or licensing. 
  • Pedigree. Aerohive have been around they made mistakes, and have learn't. You'll be surprised just how many newbies out there 'claiming' to be great don't even have industry standard compliances or certifications. If there's a new development/standard on the horizon, Aerohive will be on it or close to delivering the first model. They are a wireless company and that will never change. 
  • SD-WAN. You can run a complete end to end network on this platform. Managing configuration and policies for branch routers/access-points/switches and include security. This means SME or NGO's, non-profits who need branch office connectivity for lower costs can successfully deploy using a single management platform (HMNG Hive manager NG). *Hive Classic is being phased out